About AAA Roofing Company, Inc.

Rooftop floor — Roofing Products in Indianapolis, IN
We formed and started as AAA Roofing Company Inc., in 1923. The name was obtained by permission from the AAA Invincible Roof Manufacturing Company, who made roll roofing. Dillard Cox, the stepfather of Bob Huntington, was the original owner. Nothing other than shingles and roll roofing were applied up through World War II. In the 1950s, our attention moved from small-scale to commercial roof work. Dillard was a smart man who continued to grow the company, and soon introduced his stepson, Bob Huntington, to the business.

Bob began his work at the tender age of 12, when the company was located at 948 Fort Wayne Ave. in a small office warehouse. Eventually, the company moved to 510 W. Pearl St. behind the still-famous John's Hot Stew. After several years, the city needed the land and we were forced to move again. We then moved to 630 W. Market St., just down the street from the Statehouse and the Acme Evans flour mill. This is when the company moved over to the hands of Bob. In 1967, for the first time, we owned our own property. This happened with the purchase of 910 N. Highland Ave., where we still reside to this day.
In 1975, the company became incorporated and began to do well in the roof-moisture surveying business. As Bob's sons entered the business, the company continued to grow and Bob's sons helped create the professional image that AAA Roofing Company, Inc. continues to have today. In 2005, Bob Huntington retired and left the company with the competent and extremely hard-working hands of his two sons, David and Jim. Jim continues to run the company today, and the company continues to strive to live up to its motto: "Quality, Service and Value Since 1923."

Meet Our Team

James Huntington — Commercial Roofing Services in Indianapolis, IN
President: James Huntington
E-mail: jrh@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: (317) 635-2928

Jim has been with the company since April 1978. Jim is still in charge of operations and is still performing the duties of the job in addition to the demands of being the president.
Scott Price — Roofing Products in Indianapolis, IN
General Manager: Scott Price
E-mail: slp@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: 317-501-9114

Scott came to AAA in March 1989. Scott’s responsibilities have increased over time as he is now taking care of estimating certain projects, project management and daily operations management.
Richard Collis — Nationwide Services in Indianapolis, IN
CFO: Richard Collis
E-mail: rlc@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: 317-635-2928


Richard started with the company in 2013 as the CFO. He comes to AAA Roofing with 30 years of CFO/controller experience in the construction industry. Richards’s role and duties include management of all accounting and financial reporting requirements. In addition, Richard handles the monitoring and management of our IT systems.
John Huston — Commercial Roofing Services in Indianapolis, IN
Superintendent: John Huston
E-mail: jwh@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: 317-501-9118

Johnny came to AAA in August 1986. John has won the award for outstanding roofer in 2006 from the NRCA. In 2008, John was moved to his new position of field super after several successful years of being crew foreman for several of AAA Roofing’s biggest jobs through the years. Johnny supervises daily and long-term scheduling of all of the roofers and running of the daily crews.
Tim Roberts — Roofing Products in Indianapolis, IN
Sales and Marketing: Tim Roberts
E-mail: tmr@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: 317-716-3129

Tim has been in sales and marketing since 1991. He has been employed with AAA Roofing since January 2009. Tim is in charge of marketing for current and potential customers. Tim helps with customer relations with not just current customers, but also with all new customers.
Chris Huntington — Nationwide Services in Indianapolis, IN
Estimator: Chris Huntington
E-mail: cjh@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: 317-431-7747

Chris has been with the company since 2003. Chris is in charge of estimating for AAA Roofing. Chris is also involved in sales.
Kyle Price — Commercial Roofing Services in Indianapolis, IN
Assistant Service Manager: Kyle Price
E-mail: klp@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: 317-525-2501

Kyle has been with the company since 2006. Kyle helps run our service and maintenance department as well as daily scheduling for service.
Mark McGuire — Roofing Products in Indianapolis, IN
Project Manager: Mark McGuire
E-mail: mam@aaaroofingcompany.com
Phone: 317-714-2817


Mark McGuire joined AAA Roofing Company in 2011 as a Project Estimator / Manager. Prior working at AAA Roofing, Mark was employed in the Construction Management / General Contractor role. During his years as a CM/GC Mark worked for clients who demanded exceptional safety and quality. These clients include Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis Airport Authority, Proctor & Gamble, Covance and Indianapolis Public Schools to name a few. The blend of Mark’s previous experience and the high level of safety and quality here at AAA Roofing has been a perfect match. Mark now has taken the role of Construction Manager for our production projects which includes assembling and submitting pre-construction documents, safety management, project scheduling, billings and project close out.